Doing our part in the community

Here at Argoz, we'd like to feel like our socks bring a lot of joy to all of you (even if you're just wearing them around the house), but we want to do more! Last week, with the help from your purchase, we were able to make a donation to Red Cross to provide some financial relief. For the month of April, we want to step up and make a bigger, more direct impact to keep those in the front lines safe.


Receive 30% off your order for the entire month of April. Apply discount code STAYHOME in your shopping cart before checkout*

*Discount excludes Gift Certificates, Sock Packs, Gift Packs and Sock of the Month. Mask donation will still be honored for those purchases


For every order, we'll donate 5 medical masks to those in need.

How we're doing it

We set big goals in the number of masks we'd like to donate and have been working with suppliers that can produce the masks for us as quickly as possible.

We'll be working with our resources and contacts to determine which organizations are experiencing the most shortages and prioritize sending them masks firsts.

We'll also begin sending the masks as they are produced, instead of waiting until the end of the month when the sale ends. There's no time to waste!

Unafraid to standout

Our Heroes

Dedicated to the everyday heroes on the front line. Here are a few of them at Bellevue Hospital in NYC.